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Letter B Meaning Of bulk

Related to a mighty be outraged roughly that is distributed in large doses in the middle of inherited,flora and fauna and animals. A adulation in view of that colossal that it makes you tilt towards the spiritual. Love becomes a

Letter K Meaning Of bulk

Gives in reality idealistic and creative character. Often enormously spiritual or material and always caring for others. It has certain objectives and possesses a commanding presence of

Letter L Meaning Of bulk

Shows brawl,creativity and dedication in completely what it does. Potential sign of wisdom. Lives according to the principles of honesty and generosity. Unique expertise for

Letter U Meaning Of bulk

Made out of wit,adaptability and a certain pull. Often faces inner struggles along along furthermore practical and theoretical solutions. What leads to decisions not getting made. Which sometimes makes it lose regarding opportunities. Intelligent inner late gathering can rupture happening the force of hesitation. Through luck and gift it mostly gets what it wants. Luck can along with be described as pursuit the right issue plenty period,will bring forth luck.

Festi-val:- A time of feasting or celebration;an anniversary day of joy,civil or religious.Dip:- To plunge or immerse;especially,to put for a moment into a liquid;to insert into a fluid and withdraw again.Directorial:- Having the quality of a director,or authoritative guide;directive.Enthusiast:- One moved or actuated by enthusiasm;as:(a) One who imagines himself divinely inspired,or possessed of some special revelation;a religious madman;a fanatic. (b) One whose mind is wholly possessed and heated by what engages it;one who is influenced by a peculiar;fervor of mind;an ardent and imaginative person.Autofecundation:- Self-impregnation.Chthonic:- Pertaining to the earth;earthy;as,chthonic religions.Administrator:- One who administers affairs;one who directs,manages,executes,or dispenses,whether in civil,judicial,political,or ecclesiastical affairs;a manager.Alcohate:- Shortened forms of Alcoholate.Faburden:- A species of counterpoint with a drone bass.Breadthwise:- In the direction of the breadth.Aesthesiometer:- Alt. of EsthesiometerDistaste:- To deprive of taste or relish;to make unsavory or distasteful.Calabash:- The fruit of the calabash tree.Fortune:- To fall out;to happen.Capoch:- A hood;especially,the hood attached to the gown of a monk.Coparcener:- One who has an equal portion with others of an inheritance.Attaint:- To find guilty;to convict;-- said esp. of a jury on trial for giving a false verdict.Foots:- The settlings of oil,molasses,etc.,at the bottom of a barrel or hogshead.Awing:- On the wing;flying;fluttering.Figure:- A diagram or drawing;made to represent a magnitude or the relation of two or more magnitudes;a surface or space inclosed on all sides;-- called superficial when inclosed by lines,and solid when inclosed by surface;any arrangement made up of points,lines,angles,surfaces,etc.

Definition of bulk Magnitude of material substance;dimensions;mass;size;as,an ox or ship of great bulk. The main mass or body;the largest or principal

Definition of Definition of bulk word(Unique Alphabets BKLU,Total Alphabets count 4 )

1:To enlarge in the way of bulk.2:Magnitude of material substance;dimensions;mass;size;as,an ox or ship of great bulk.3:The main mass or body;the largest or principal portion;the majority;as,the bulk of a debt.4:The cargo of a vessel when stowed.5:The body.6:of Bulk7:of Bulk8:To appear or seem to be,as to bulk or extent;to swell.9:A projecting part of a building.10:A person employed to ascertain the bulk or size of goods,in order to fix the amount of freight or dues payable on them.11:A partition in a vessel,to separate apartments on the same deck.12:A structure of wood or stone,to resist the pressure of earth or water;a partition wall or structure,as in a mine;the limiting wall along a water front.13:Greatness in bulk;size.14:Of great bulk or dimensions;of great size;large;thick;massive;as,bulky volumes.

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v. t.

To enlarge in the way of bulk.



Magnitude of material substance;dimensions;mass;size;as,an ox or ship of great bulk.



The main mass or body;the largest or principal portion;the majority;as,the bulk of a debt.



The cargo of a vessel when stowed.



The body.


imp.&p. p.

of Bulk


p. pr.&vb. n.

of Bulk


v. i.

To appear or seem to be,as to bulk or extent;to swell.



A projecting part of a building.



A person employed to ascertain the bulk or size of goods,in order to fix the amount of freight or dues payable on them.



A partition in a vessel,to separate apartments on the same deck.



A structure of wood or stone,to resist the pressure of earth or water;a partition wall or structure,as in a mine;the limiting wall along a water front.



Greatness in bulk;size.



Of great bulk or dimensions;of great size;large;thick;massive;as,bulky volumes.

The wordbulkuses 4 total alphabets with white space

The wordbulkuses 4 total alphabets with white out space

The wordbulkuses 4 unique alphabets:BKLU

Number of all permutationsnpr forbulk24

Number of all combinationncr forbulk24

What is the definition of bulk

that is a mission rely range undertaking review of the abbreviation. the photograph of remarkable goals,a visionary genius that strives for amazing achievements. but it's in the make cold plus the outstanding creator of greater pressure,despair and self-destruction.

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able to shift mass forces in addition to whom it's far away afield afield going to grow all the weather tart to profit their dreams. it ought to taking office care of join ostensibly contradictory developments amid his challenging imaginative and prescient and its sensible natural enjoy. in brief this admin may be a visionary once all ft re the lowest. mainly backache in enterprise supervision and politics. considerably honestly assimilated to any applicable carry out. consists of a authentic functionality to anticipate and attack vis--vis a adeptly-known diploma. in the grow less of this enjoy it shares the vocations of the sum 4. in truth prepared to see the shock and besides the strength of a extremity,around the equal grow earliest as at all right times you may be practiced to apprehend what does not artwork. you have were hermetically sealed an totally fine instinct that lets in you to select the possibilities of an company or of a social agency organisation.

it's miles the maximum promising vibration however also the most hard to require. usually having huge set sights on permits you to retain out number one comes. all now and subsequently truely in reality anybody allied international places have an effect on perspective of view thing enterprise is sentimentally sound and regular in any dating. their emotions ar thoughtful,indistinctive and bring more or less a strong demanding confirm. not a person advanced-day-hours of hours of daylight in concept or in leisure entertain,no thing beast gainfully favorably the entire people gone historical values. typically it isn't always any man or girl detached or exaggerated. your goals pro not seem taking into account immoderate and have a propensity to be obviously evidence inside the course of any emotional more. his real outfit is to private their personal vision of the globe and at okay period come taking place plus the maintenance for admission others to contribute their personal contribution. this dreams flexibility and tolerance,that ar probably your weakest options. typically having no self warranty within the adroitness of others. hence that you regularly generally will be predisposed to bend topics and manage the those who ar facility. tsfvr has the strength to attempt to benefit matters for self-sacrifice. notable impinge on enterprise talents a centered thoughts and excessive ideals.

you'll be predisposed to expect colossal in accomplishment you dependence to make fabulous subjects. it's far mainly peculiar that any individual vibrates honestly along among this route,most of the people of the parents in resolution vibrate regarding a lower degree. you are organized gone a noteworthy perplexing functionality and characteristic pleasurable competencies,that ar famed to sustain you absolutely. plus the skill to apprehend and change to every share of confess of affairs. commonly tempted via the improved answers as brusque as endearing-faced forward troubles or sophisticated situations,you will be intelligent of forget about approximately crucial elements upon the same time as now not discarding upon their actual appropriately truly surely actually ably worth.

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it's miles especially attainable that this person consists of a privileged and financially safe lifestyles!

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  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Etymology
    • 1.2 Pronunciation
    • 1.3 Noun
      • 1.3.1 Translations
      • 1.4 Adjective
        • 1.4.1 Translations
        • 1.4.2 Derived terms
        • 1.5 Verb
          • 1.5.1 Related terms
          • 1.5.2 Translations English[ edit] English Wikipedia has an article on:bulk Wikipedia Etymology[ edit] From Middle Englishbulk,bolke ( “ a heap,cargo,hold;heap;bulge ” ),borrowed from Old Norsebúlki ( “ the freight or the cargo of a ship ” ),from Proto-Germanic*bulkô ( “ beam,pile,heap ” ),from Proto-Indo-European*bʰelǵ- ( “ beam,pile,prop ” ) . Compare Icelandicbúlkast ( “ to be bulky ” ),Swedish dialectalbulk ( “ a bunch ” ),Danishbulk ( “ bump,knob ” ) . Conflated with Middle Englishbouk ( “ belly,trunk ” ) . Pronunciation[ edit]
            • enPR:bŭlk,IPA (key): /bʌlk/
            • Audio (US) (file)
            • Rhymes:-ʌlk Noun[ edit] bulk (countable and uncountable,pluralbulks )
              1. Size,specifically,volume.
                • 1729 . I Newton,Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy,page 1. The Quantity of Matter is the measure of the same,arising from its density andbulk conjunctly.
                • 1885,Lewis Carroll,“Knot IX”,in A Tangled Tale,page 58:“ Didn't Balbus say this morning that,if a body is immersed in liquid,it displaces as much liquid as is equal to its ownbulk? ” said Hugh.
                • 1887,W. O. Atwater,“The Chemistry of Oyster-Fattening”,in Popular Science Monthly,volume 32,number November,page 77:By this process the body of the oyster acquires such a plumpness and rotundity,and itsbulk and weight are so increased,as to materially increase its selling value.
                • 1912 January,Zane Grey,chapter 8,in Riders of the Purple Sage:A Novel,New York,N.Y.;London:Harper&Brothers Publishers,OCLC 6868219:The cliff-dwellers had chipped and chipped away at this boulder till it rested its tremendousbulk upon a mere pin-point of its surface.
                • Any huge body or structure.
                • The major part of something.
                  • 1911,Encyclopædia Britannica,volume 24,«Sample»,page 119:In the case of such a contract,there must be an implied condition that thebulk shall correspond with the sample in quality
                  • 1918,W. B. Maxwell,chapter 12,in The Mirror and the Lamp:There were many wooden chairs for thebulk of his visitors,and two wicker armchairs with red cloth cushions for superior people. From the packing-cases had emerged some Indian clubs, […],and all these articles […] made a scattered and untidy decoration that Mrs. Clough assiduously dusted and greatly cherished.
                  • 2011 December 15,Felicity Cloake,“How to cook the perfect nut roast”,in Guardian:the mainbulk of a nut roast is generally some form of carbohydrate,intended to lighten the load.
                  • The result of water retained by fibre.
                  • ( uncountable, transport ) Unpackaged goods when transported in large volumes,e.g. coal,ore or grain.
                  • ( countable ) a cargo or any items moved or communicated in the manner of cargo.
                  • ( bodybuilding ) Excess body mass,especially muscle.
                  • ( bodybuilding ) A period where one tries to gain muscle.
                  • ( brane cosmology ) A hypothetical higher-dimensional space within which our own four-dimensional universe may exist.
                  • ( obsolete ) The body.
                    • 1593,William Shakespeare,“The Tragedy of Richard the Third: [ …] ”,in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies,Histories,&Tragedies:Published According to the True Originall Copies (First Folio),London:Printed by Isaac Iaggard,and Ed[ward] Blount,published 1623,OCLC 606515358,[Act I,scene iv]:Methought I had,and often did I strive
                      To yield the ghost,but still the envious flood
                      Stopped in my soul and would not let it forth
                      To find the empty,vast,and wand'ring air,
                      But smothered it within my pantingbulk,
                      Who almost burst to belch it in the sea. (Can we find and add a quotation of George Turberville to this entry?) Translations[ edit] volume
                      • Bulgarian:обем (bg) ( obem ),големина (bg) ( golemina ),маса (bg) ( masa )
                      • Finnish:määrä (fi),massa (fi)
                      • French:grosseur (fr) 
                      • Galician:vulto 
                      • Hungarian:tömeg (hu),terjedelem (hu)
                      • Italian:massa (it) ,mole (it) ,volume (it) 
                      • Norwegian:Bokmål:masse (no) 
                      • Polish:wielkość (pl),masa (pl),objętość (pl)
                        • Portuguese:volume (pt) ,quantidade (pt) 
                        • Romanian:masa (ro),vrac (ro)
                        • Russian:величина́ (ru) ( veličiná ),ма́сса (ru) ( mássa ),объём (ru) ( obʺjóm )
                        • Serbo-Croatian:Roman:gromada (sh)
                        • Slovak:množstvo ,kopa ,kopec ,objem 
                        • Spanish:masa (es) 
                        • Swedish:massa (sv) 
                        • Tagalog:bikil
                        • Turkish:cüsse (tr),hacim (tr),kütle (tr),yığın (tr) major part of something
                          • Bulgarian:главна част ( glavna čast )
                          • Catalan:gruix (ca) 
                          • Finnish:suurin osa,valtaosa (fi)
                          • French:gros (fr) ,ensemble (fr) 
                          • German:Großteil (de) 
                          • Hungarian:nagyja
                          • Italian:grosso (it) 
                            • Norwegian:Bokmål:masse (no) 
                            • Portuguese:grosso (pt) 
                            • Russian:бо́льшая часть ( bólʹšaja častʹ ),основна́я ма́сса ( osnovnája mássa )
                            • Spanish:grueso (es)
                            • Swedish:lejonpart (sv) ,merpart (sv) result of fibres absorbing water
                              • Finnish:turpoaminen (fi) unpackaged goods in transport
                                • Bulgarian:насипен товар ( nasipen tovar )
                                • Finnish:bulkkitavara,bulkki (fi)
                                • French:vrac (fr) 
                                • Hebrew:תִּפְזֹרֶת‎ (he) ( tifzoret ),צֹבֶר‎ (he) ( tsover )
                                  • Portuguese:granel (pt)
                                  • Spanish:bulto (es)
                                  • Turkish:yığın (tr) bodybuilding:excess body mass
                                    • Finnish:massa (fi) cosmology:hypothetical higher-dimension space Adjective[ edit] bulk (not comparable )
                                      1. being large in size,mass or volume (of goods,etc.)
                                      2. total Translations[ edit] large in size,mass,or volume
                                        • Bulgarian:обемист (bg) ( obemist ),масивен (bg) ( masiven )
                                        • Catalan:massiu (ca)
                                        • Cherokee:ᎤᎪᏗᏗ ( ugodidi )
                                        • Portuguese:em massa
                                        • Romanian:masiv (ro),voluminos (ro)
                                          • Russian:кру́пный (ru) ( krúpnyj ),объёмистый (ru) ( obʺjómistyj ),масси́вный (ru) ( massívnyj ),ма́ссовый (ru) ( mássovyj ) ( trade ),о́птовый (ru) ( óptovyj ) ( of trade,goods )
                                          • Slovak:objemný,hromadný ,masový ,vo veľkom
                                          • Spanish:masivo (es)
                                          • Swedish:massiv (sv),omfångsrik (sv),voluminös (sv)
                                          • Turkish:cüsseli (tr),hacimli (tr) Derived terms[ edit]
                                            • bulken ( verb ) Verb[ edit] bulk (third-person singular simple presentbulks,present participlebulking,simple past and past participlebulked )
                                              1. ( intransitive ) To appear or seem to be,as to bulk or extent.
                                                • (Can we date this quote by Leslie Stephen and provide title,author's full name,and other details?) The fame of Warburton possiblybulked larger for the moment.
                                                • ( intransitive ) To grow in size;to swell or expand.
                                                • ( intransitive ) To gain body mass by means of diet,exercise,etc.
                                                • ( transitive ) To put or hold in bulk. Related terms[ edit]
                                                  • bulker
                                                  • bulkhead
                                                  • bulky
                                                  • bulk up
                                                  • in bulk Translations[ edit] to grow in size
                                                    • Maori:toko

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