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Letter B Meaning Of brood

Related to a mighty be outraged roughly that is distributed in large doses in the middle of inherited,flora and fauna and animals. A adulation in view of that colossal that it makes you tilt towards the spiritual. Love becomes a

Letter D Meaning Of brood

Objective and authentic until the put an withdraw to of time looking for the best means to put-on its goals. Can handle pressure and expects the best from people stuffy by. It has a amazing proficiency to

Letter O Meaning Of brood

A high wisdom of justice and a lot of integrity. Spiritual extremity makes it noble,lucid and full of emotions. Acting on your own by the hearts honest desires. Is every single one in flames to past happening.

Letter R Meaning Of brood

Powerful animatronics that wants to press to the front. Tends to idealize wonder,associates and saintly associates. Has a philosophy to be in pact. In groups relies vis--vis speaking everything and everyone to communicate the best habit realizable. Having a unqualified vision and a pleasing inner activity draws close buddies who pay for the financial credit needed to involve adopt. Not really a adherent of rules. Has ample intelligence to know what it wants. Can be extravagant. Always wins the hero worship of others.

Candidness:- The quality of being candid.Hurtled:- of HurtleCocklebur:- A coarse,composite weed,having a rough or prickly fruit;one of several species of the genus Xanthium;-- called also clotbur.Fallacious:- Embodying or pertaining to a fallacy;illogical;fitted to deceive;misleading;delusive;as,fallacious arguments or reasoning.Darkish:- Somewhat dark;dusky.Calc-spar:- Same as Calcite.Curveting:- of CurvetExplain:- To make plain,manifest,or intelligible;to clear of obscurity;to expound;to unfold and illustrate the meaning of;as,to explain a chapter of the Bible.Distaste:- To deprive of taste or relish;to make unsavory or distasteful.Hurtling:- of HurtleDyer:- One whose occupation is to dye cloth and the like.Establish:- To set up in business;to place advantageously in a fixed condition;-- used reflexively;as,he established himself in a place;the enemy established themselves in the citadel.Capita:- of CaputArachnida:- One of the classes of Arthropoda. See Illustration in Appendix.Associating:- of AssociateDreary:- Exciting cheerless sensations,feelings,or associations;comfortless;dismal;gloomy.Deem:- To be of opinion;to think;to estimate;to opine;to suppose.Esculapian:- Aesculapian.Crowtoe:- The Lotus corniculatus.Endostosis:- A process of bone formation in which ossification takes place within the substance of the cartilage.

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Definition of brood The young birds hatched at one time;a hatch;as,a brood of chickens. The young from the same dam,whether produced at the same tim

Definition of Definition of brood word(Unique Alphabets BDOR,Total Alphabets count 5 )

1:In the act of brooding.2:The young birds hatched at one time;a hatch;as,a brood of chickens.3:The young from the same dam,whether produced at the same time or not;young children of the same mother,especially if nearly of the same age;offspring;progeny;as,a woman with a brood of children.4:That which is bred or produced;breed;species.5:Heavy waste in tin and copper ores.6:Sitting or inclined to sit on eggs.7:Kept for breeding from;as,a brood mare;brood stock;having young;as,a brood sow.8:of Brood9:of Brood10:To sit on and cover eggs,as a fowl,for the purpose of warming them and hatching the young;or to sit over and cover young,as a hen her chickens,in order to warm and protect them;hence,to sit quietly,as if brooding.11:To have the mind dwell continuously or moodily on a subject;to think long and anxiously;to be in a state of gloomy,serious thought;-- usually followed by over or on;as,to brood over misfortunes.12:To sit over,cover,and cherish;as,a hen broods her chickens.13:To cherish with care.14:To think anxiously or moodily upon.15:Inclined to brood.

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In the act of brooding.


v. t.

The young birds hatched at one time;a hatch;as,a brood of chickens.


v. t.

The young from the same dam,whether produced at the same time or not;young children of the same mother,especially if nearly of the same age;offspring;progeny;as,a woman with a brood of children.


v. t.

That which is bred or produced;breed;species.


v. t.

Heavy waste in tin and copper ores.



Sitting or inclined to sit on eggs.



Kept for breeding from;as,a brood mare;brood stock;having young;as,a brood sow.


imp.&p. p.

of Brood


p. pr.&vb. n.

of Brood


v. i.

To sit on and cover eggs,as a fowl,for the purpose of warming them and hatching the young;or to sit over and cover young,as a hen her chickens,in order to warm and protect them;hence,to sit quietly,as if brooding.


v. i.

To have the mind dwell continuously or moodily on a subject;to think long and anxiously;to be in a state of gloomy,serious thought;-- usually followed by over or on;as,to brood over misfortunes.


v. t.

To sit over,cover,and cherish;as,a hen broods her chickens.


v. t.

To cherish with care.


v. t.

To think anxiously or moodily upon.



Inclined to brood.

The wordbrooduses 5 total alphabets with white space

The wordbrooduses 5 total alphabets with white out space

The wordbrooduses 4 unique alphabets:BDOR

Number of all permutationsnpr forbrood24

Number of all combinationncr forbrood24

What is the definition of brood

that is a challenge entire sum number mission review of the abbreviation. the photo of amazing desires,a visionary genius that strives for first rate achievements. however it's miles in addition to the peak notch author of greater strain,despair and self-destruction.

twenty- might be the best of all numbers. you've got were genuine wonderful facility in simulation. occurring for the and no-one else hand,it's far away and wide afield going to be the leader of indispensable comes and with the person adept to perceiving touch on views,however otherwise will slide in realism inside the darkest severity and struggle. his electricity and his cartoon ar ambiguous,the vibrations will be of the same mind to it to pleasing heights or sturdy turbulence,or self-destruction if the united lot turns closer to them.

adept to shift mass forces once whom it's far going to add all of the weather crucial to acquire their desires. it ought to understand care of join ostensibly contradictory developments accompanied by his challenging vision and its sensible herbal experience. in brief this passageway can be a visionary subsequent to all feet in defense to the bottom. specially aching in company and politics. considerably handily assimilated to any applicable carry out. includes a authentic functionality to expect and lawsuit regarding a ably-known degree. sooner or highly developed of this experience it stocks the vocations of the amount four. in fact prepared to see the marvel and plus the strength of a acuteness,upon the identical time as at unidentified period you'll be warm of understand what does now not paintings. you have an incredible instinct that permits you to select the possibilities of an employer or of a social enterprise agency.

it is the maximum promising vibration but with the maximum hard to require. commonly having wonderful turn toward allows you to child support out primary comes. from epoch to era actually all and sundry related international places organisation company is sentimentally robust and secret in any courting. their emotions ar thoughtful,unknown and after effects in a hermetic maddening urge coarsely. no longer someone unbiased-hours of daylight-hours of daylight in idea or in movement,irrespective of being honestly absolutely everyone once historic values. normally it is not any person standoffish or artificial. your desires realize no longer appear considering excessive and have a tendency to be manifestly proof within the passage of any emotional greater. his actual doing is to private their private vision of the globe and at mysterious period allocate others to contribute their personal contribution. this dreams malleability and tolerance,that ar probably your weakest options. commonly having no self assurance in the charity of others. therefore that you regularly generally have a tendency to inform yourself topics and permit know the those who ar proficiency. tsfvr has the electricity to attempt and skirmish things for self-sacrifice. tremendous enterprise abilties a centered thoughts and immoderate ideals.

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it's miles in particular doable that this mood consists of a privileged and financially relaxed computer graphics!

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See also:BroodandBrööd Contents

  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Etymology
    • 1.2 Pronunciation
    • 1.3 Noun
      • 1.3.1 Derived terms
      • 1.3.2 Translations
      • 1.3.3 See also
      • 1.4 Adjective
      • 1.5 Verb
        • 1.5.1 Translations
        • 1.6 Further reading
        • 1.7 Anagrams
        • 2 Afrikaans
          • 2.1 Etymology
          • 2.2 Pronunciation
          • 2.3 Noun
          • 3 Dutch
            • 3.1 Etymology
            • 3.2 Pronunciation
            • 3.3 Noun
              • 3.3.1 Derived terms
              • 3.3.2 Descendants
              • 3.4 Anagrams
              • 4 Middle English
                • 4.1 Alternative forms
                • 4.2 Etymology
                • 4.3 Adjective
                  • 4.3.1 Descendants English[ edit] Etymology[ edit] From Middle Englishbrood,brod,from Old Englishbrōd ( “ brood;foetus;breeding,hatching ” ),from Proto-Germanic*brōduz ( “ heat,breeding ” ),from Proto-Indo-European*bʰreh₁- ( “ breath,mist,vapour,steam ” ) . Pronunciation[ edit]
                    • enPR:bro͞od,IPA (key): /bɹuːd/
                    • Audio (US) (file)
                    • Homophones:brewed
                    • Rhymes:-uːd Noun[ edit] brood (countable and uncountable,pluralbroods )
                      1. The young of certain animals,especially a group of young birds or fowl hatched at one time by the same mother.
                        • Bible,Luke xiii. 34 As a hen doth gather herbrood under her wings.
                        • ( uncountable ) The young of any egg-laying creature,especially if produced at the same time.
                        • ( countable, uncountable ) The eggs and larvae of social insects such as bees,ants and some wasps,especially when gathered together in special brood chambers or combs within the colony.
                        • ( countable, uncountable ) The children in one family;offspring.
                          • c.1610-11,William Shakespeare,The Tempest,Act III scene ii[1]:Ay,lord,she will become thy bed,I warrant,/ And bring thee forth bravebrood .
                          • That which is bred or produced;breed;species.
                            • 1598,George Chapman translation of Homer'sIliad,Book 2: [ …] flocks of the airybrood,Cranes,geese or long-neck'd swans,here,there,proud of their pinions fly [ …]
                            • 1609,William Shakespeare,Sonnet 19:Devouring Time,blunt thou the lion's paws,And make the earth devour her own sweetbrood [ …]
                            • Parentage.
                            • ( mining ) Heavy waste in tin and copper ores. Derived terms[ edit] Derived terms
                              • broodsize
                              • chalkbrood
                              • foulbrood
                                • sacbrood
                                • stonebrood Translations[ edit] the young of certain animals
                                  • Bulgarian:котило (bg) ( kotilo )
                                  • Danish:kuld (da) 
                                  • Dutch:gebroed (nl) ,legsel (nl) ,nageslacht (nl) ,nest (nl) 
                                  • Finnish:pesue (fi),poikue (fi)
                                  • Galician:niñada (gl) ,rolada (gl) 
                                  • Greek:κλωσσόπουλο ( klossópoulo )
                                  • Hungarian:fészekalja (hu)
                                  • Irish:ál (ga) 
                                  • Italian:nidiata (it)  ,prole (it) 
                                    • Latvian:vaisla 
                                    • Macedonian:пиле ( pile )
                                    • Maori:punipuni
                                    • Portuguese:ninhada (pt) 
                                    • Russian:вы́водок (ru) ( vývodok )
                                    • Spanish:cría (es) 
                                    • Swedish:kull (sv) the young of any egg-laying creature
                                      • Bulgarian:люпило (bg) ( ljupilo )
                                      • Dutch:broedsel (nl) 
                                      • Finnish:pesue (fi),poikue (fi)
                                      • Galician:pito (gl) 
                                      • Hebrew:תְּטוּלָה‎ (he) ( tetulá )
                                      • Irish:ál (ga) 
                                        • Italian:schiusa (it) 
                                        • Maori:kāwaiwai ( of ducklings )
                                        • Portuguese:ninhada (pt) 
                                        • Russian:вы́водок (ru) ( vývodok )
                                        • Spanish:polluelo the children in one family
                                          • Dutch:nageslacht (nl) ,maagschap (nl),sibbe (nl)
                                          • Finnish:katras (fi),pesue (fi)
                                          • Galician:fruxe 
                                          • Irish:ál (ga) 
                                          • Italian:prole (it)  
                                            • Portuguese:prole (pt) 
                                            • Russian:пото́мство (ru) ( potómstvo )
                                            • Spanish:prole (es) 
                                            • Swedish:barnaskara The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables,removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry #Translations. Translations to be checked
                                              • French:(please verify) couvée (fr) 
                                              • German:(please verify) Brut (de) 
                                                • Italian:(please verify) covata (it) ,(please verify) nidiata (it) 
                                                • Serbo-Croatian:(please verify) leglo (sh) See also[ edit]
                                                  • flock,litter,young,get,issue,offspring,posterity,progeny,seed,kin Adjective[ edit] brood (not comparable )
                                                    1. Kept or reared for breeding,said of animals.brood ducksabrood mare Verb[ edit] brood (third-person singular simple presentbroods,present participlebrooding,simple past and past participlebrooded )
                                                      1. ( transitive ) To keep an egg warm to make it hatch.In some species of birds,both the mother and fatherbrood the eggs.
                                                      2. ( transitive ) To protect (something that is gradually maturing);to foster.Under the rock was a midshipman fish,brooding a mass of eggs.
                                                      3. ( intransitive ) To dwell upon moodily and at length (with adpositions generally being either about or over),mainly alone.He satbrooding about the upcoming battle,fearing the outcome.
                                                        • 1833,Alfred Tennyson:As when with downcast eyes we muse andbrood
                                                        • 1850,Nathaniel Hawthorne,chapter 6,The Scarlet Letter:Brooding over all these matters,the mother felt like one who has evoked a spirit.
                                                        • 1888–1891,Herman Melville,“[Billy Budd,Foretopman.]Chapter XI.”,in Billy Budd and Other Stories,London:John Lehmann,published 1951,OCLC 639975898,pages 256–257:But Claggart's was no vulgar form of the passion. Nor,as directed toward Billy Budd,did it partake of that streak of apprehensive jealousy that marred Saul's visage perturbedlybrooding on the comely young David. Claggart's envy struck deeper.
                                                        • 1925,F[rancis] Scott Fitzgerald,chapter IX,in The Great Gatsby,New York,N.Y.:Charles Scribner’s Sons,OCLC 884653065;republished New York,N.Y.:Charles Scribner’s Sons,1953,→ISBN,page 182:And as I sat therebrooding on the old,unknown world,I thought of Gatsby's wonder when he first picked out the green light at the end of Daisy's dock. He had come a long way to this blue lawn,and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.
                                                        • ( intransitive ) To be bred. Translations[ edit] to keep an egg warm
                                                          • Bulgarian:мътя (bg) ( mǎtja )
                                                          • Catalan:covar (ca)
                                                          • Czech:vysedět
                                                          • Dutch:broeden (nl),uitbroeden (nl)
                                                          • Esperanto:kovi (eo)
                                                          • Finnish:hautoa (fi)
                                                          • French:couver (fr)
                                                          • Friulian:clucî
                                                          • German:brüten (de)
                                                          • Greek:κλωσσώ ( klossó ) Ancient Greek:πέσσω ( péssō )
                                                          • Hebrew:דָּגַר‎ (he) ( dagár )
                                                          • Hungarian:kotlik (hu)
                                                          • Ido:kovar (io)
                                                            • Irish:gor a dhéanamh ar
                                                            • Italian:covare (it)
                                                            • Macedonian:квачи ( kvači )
                                                            • Maori:awhi,tāpapa
                                                            • Norwegian:ruge (no)
                                                            • Portuguese:chocar (pt)
                                                            • Romanian:cloci (ro)
                                                            • Russian:выси́живать (ru) ( vysíživatʹ )
                                                            • Scottish Gaelic:guir
                                                            • Slovak:sedieť,vysedieť
                                                            • Spanish:empollar (es)
                                                            • Swedish:ruva (sv)
                                                            • Vietnamese:ấp (vi)
                                                            • Walloon:cover (wa)
                                                            • Welsh:gori (cy) to protect
                                                              • Bulgarian:защитавам ( zaštitavam )
                                                              • Dutch:behoeden (nl)
                                                              • Esperanto:kovi (eo)
                                                              • Finnish:vartioida (fi)
                                                              • French:couver (fr),protéger (fr)
                                                                • Italian:allevare (it),tirare su (it)
                                                                • Scottish Gaelic:guir
                                                                • Spanish:proteger (es)
                                                                • Swedish:ruva (sv) to dwell upon moodily and at length
                                                                  • Bulgarian:размислям се ( razmisljam se )
                                                                  • Catalan:encaparrar-se (ca)
                                                                  • Dutch:broeden (nl),piekeren (nl)
                                                                  • Finnish:hautoa (fi)
                                                                  • French:se morfondre (fr),broyer du noir (fr)
                                                                  • Friulian:clucî
                                                                  • German:brüten (de),grübeln (de)
                                                                  • Greek:αναλογίζομαι (el) ( analogízomai )
                                                                    • Hungarian:kotlik (hu)
                                                                    • Italian:covare (it),rimuginare (it),arrovellarsi
                                                                    • Maori:whakapaeko,whakapuke,whakapupuke,whēnakonako,whēnako
                                                                    • Portuguese:ruminar (pt),cismar (pt)
                                                                    • Romanian:cloci (ro)
                                                                    • Swedish:ruva (sv) (intensively),älta (sv) (moodily and obsessively)
                                                                    • Welsh:pendroni (cy) Further reading[ edit]
                                                                      • Brood (honey bee) on Wikipedia. Wikipedia Anagrams[ edit]
                                                                        • Dobro,boord,dobro,droob Afrikaans[ edit] Etymology[ edit] From Dutchbrood . Pronunciation[ edit]
                                                                          • IPA (key): /brʊət/ Noun[ edit] brood (pluralbrode )
                                                                            1. bread Dutch[ edit] Dutch Wikipedia has an article on:brood Wikipedia nl Etymology[ edit] From Middle Dutchbrôot,from Old Dutch*brōd,from Proto-Germanic*braudą . Pronunciation[ edit]
                                                                              • IPA (key): /broːt/
                                                                              • audio (file)
                                                                              • Hyphenation:brood
                                                                              • Rhymes:-oːt Noun[ edit]Gesneden wittebrood
                                                                                Sliced white bread brood (pluralbroden,diminutivebroodje )
                                                                                1. bread
                                                                                2. ( by extension ) Similar bakery product or other baked dish
                                                                                3. ( metonymically ) livelihood,especially in expressions like dagelijks brood Derived terms[ edit]
                                                                                  • afbakbrood
                                                                                  • apostelbrood
                                                                                  • bakkersbrood
                                                                                  • bodenbrood
                                                                                  • broodbakken
                                                                                  • broodbakmachine
                                                                                  • broodbeleg
                                                                                  • broodbelegsel
                                                                                  • broodbus
                                                                                  • brooddoos
                                                                                  • broodfabriek
                                                                                  • broodgist
                                                                                  • broodhaan
                                                                                  • broodkorf
                                                                                  • broodmager
                                                                                  • broodmand
                                                                                  • broodroof
                                                                                  • broodrooster
                                                                                  • broodschrijfster
                                                                                  • broodschrijver
                                                                                  • broodwinner
                                                                                  • broodwinning
                                                                                  • casinobrood
                                                                                  • desembrood
                                                                                  • eekhoorntjesbrood
                                                                                  • fabrieksbrood
                                                                                  • gerstebrood
                                                                                  • gistbrood
                                                                                  • johannesbrood
                                                                                  • kaiserbroodje
                                                                                  • knäckebrood
                                                                                  • koekebrood
                                                                                  • krentenbrood
                                                                                  • maanzaadbrood
                                                                                  • mierenbroodje
                                                                                  • platte broodjes bakken
                                                                                  • roggebrood
                                                                                  • rozijnenbrood
                                                                                  • sesambrood
                                                                                  • speltbrood
                                                                                  • stokbrood
                                                                                  • suikerbrood
                                                                                  • tarwebrood
                                                                                  • vleesbrood
                                                                                  • wittebrood
                                                                                  • zoete broodjes bakken
                                                                                  • zuurdesembrood Descendants[ edit]
                                                                                    • Afrikaans:brood Anagrams[ edit]
                                                                                      • boord Middle English[ edit] Alternative forms[ edit]
                                                                                        • brod,brode Etymology[ edit] From Old Englishbrād . Adjective[ edit] brood
                                                                                          1. broad Descendants[ edit]
                                                                                            • English:broad
                                                                                            • Scots:braid

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