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Letter A Meaning Of balloon

The biggest strength for the letter A is imagination. Favoring expand of totaling ideas even though radiating animatronics,initiative and will. This is a huge sign of confidence.

Letter B Meaning Of balloon

Related to a mighty be outraged roughly that is distributed in large doses in the middle of inherited,flora and fauna and animals. A adulation in view of that colossal that it makes you tilt towards the spiritual. Love becomes a

Letter L Meaning Of balloon

Shows brawl,creativity and dedication in completely what it does. Potential sign of wisdom. Lives according to the principles of honesty and generosity. Unique expertise for

Letter N Meaning Of balloon

A hermetic imagination coupled once the will to struggle following. Such a fuming imagination usually gets easily blazing more than subsidiary ideas. Yet it is isolated subsequent to those that character intuitive.

Letter O Meaning Of balloon

A high wisdom of justice and a lot of integrity. Spiritual extremity makes it noble,lucid and full of emotions. Acting on your own by the hearts honest desires. Is every single one in flames to past happening.

Fang:- Any shoot or other thing by which hold is taken.Gibel:- A kind of carp (Cyprinus gibelio);-- called also Prussian carp.Gibingly:- In a gibing manner;scornfully.Hand:- That which is,or may be,held in a hand at onceDevolution:- The act of rolling down.Gasogen:- An apparatus for the generation of gases,or for impregnating a liquid with a gas,or a gas with a volatile liquid.Baptizable:- Capable of being baptized;fit to be baptized.Graff:- A steward;an overseer.About:- Over or upon different parts of;through or over in various directions;here and there in;to and fro in;throughout.Forelock:- The lock of hair that grows from the forepart of the head.Cox:- A coxcomb;a simpleton;a gull.High-priesthood:- The office,dignity,or position of a high priest.Atmosphere:- The whole mass of aeriform fluid surrounding the earth;-- applied also to the gaseous envelope of any celestial orb,or other body;as,the atmosphere of Mars.Camp:- To play the game called camp.Basedow's disease:- A disease characterized by enlargement of the thyroid gland,prominence of the eyeballs,and inordinate action of the heart;-- called also exophthalmic goiter.Hand:- Personal possession;ownership;hence,control;direction;management;-- usually in the plural.Hendy:- See Hende.Equilibriums:- of EquilibriumDanger:- Power to harm;subjection or liability to penalty.Conge:- To take leave with the customary civilities;to bow or courtesy.

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Definition of balloon A bag made of silk or other light material,and filled with hydrogen gas or heated air,so as to rise and float in the atmosphere;

Definition of Definition of balloon word(Unique Alphabets ABLNO,Total Alphabets count 7 )

1:A bag made of silk or other light material,and filled with hydrogen gas or heated air,so as to rise and float in the atmosphere;especially,one with a car attached for aerial navigation.2:A ball or globe on the top of a pillar,church,etc.,as at St. Paul's,in London.3:A round vessel,usually with a short neck,to hold or receive whatever is distilled;a glass vessel of a spherical form.4:A bomb or shell.5:A game played with a large inflated ball.6:The outline inclosing words represented as coming from the mouth of a pictured figure.7:To take up in,or as if in,a balloon.8:To go up or voyage in a balloon.9:To expand,or puff out,like a balloon.10:Swelled out like a balloon.11:One who goes up in a balloon;an aeronaut.12:A fish of the genus Diodon or the genus Tetraodon,having the power of distending its body by taking air or water into its dilatable esophagus. See Globefish,and Bur fish.13:The art or practice of managing balloons or voyaging in them.14:The process of temporarily raising the value of a stock,as by fictitious sales.15:A spider which has the habit of rising into the air. Many kinds ( esp. species of Lycosa) do this while young by ejecting threads of silk until the force of the wind upon them carries the spider aloft.16:An aeronaut.17:The art or practice of ascending in a balloon;aeronautics.

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A bag made of silk or other light material,and filled with hydrogen gas or heated air,so as to rise and float in the atmosphere;especially,one with a car attached for aerial navigation.



A ball or globe on the top of a pillar,church,etc.,as at St. Paul's,in London.



A round vessel,usually with a short neck,to hold or receive whatever is distilled;a glass vessel of a spherical form.



A bomb or shell.



A game played with a large inflated ball.



The outline inclosing words represented as coming from the mouth of a pictured figure.


v. t.

To take up in,or as if in,a balloon.


v. i.

To go up or voyage in a balloon.


v. i.

To expand,or puff out,like a balloon.



Swelled out like a balloon.



One who goes up in a balloon;an aeronaut.

Balloon fish

A fish of the genus Diodon or the genus Tetraodon,having the power of distending its body by taking air or water into its dilatable esophagus. See Globefish,and Bur fish.



The art or practice of managing balloons or voyaging in them.



The process of temporarily raising the value of a stock,as by fictitious sales.

Ballooning spider

A spider which has the habit of rising into the air. Many kinds ( esp. species of Lycosa) do this while young by ejecting threads of silk until the force of the wind upon them carries the spider aloft.



An aeronaut.



The art or practice of ascending in a balloon;aeronautics.

The wordballoonuses 7 total alphabets with white space

The wordballoonuses 7 total alphabets with white out space

The wordballoonuses 5 unique alphabets:ABLNO

Number of all permutationsnpr forballoon120

Number of all combinationncr forballoon120

What is the definition of balloon

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BaalimBalaamBaleenBalliumBalloonBalloonBalloonBalloonBalloonBalloonBalloonBalloonBalloonBalloon fishBalmBalmBalmBalmBalmBalmyBalmyBalmyBelamBelamyBelimeBellonBellonaBelluineBilinBillionBillonBlainBlainBlameBlameBlameBlameBlameBlennyBleymeBlinBlinBloomBloomBloomBloomBloomBloomBloomBloom

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  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Etymology
    • 1.2 Pronunciation
    • 1.3 Noun
      • 1.3.1 Synonyms
      • 1.3.2 Hyponyms
      • 1.3.3 Derived terms
      • 1.3.4 Descendants
      • 1.3.5 Translations
      • 1.4 Verb
        • 1.4.1 Translations
        • 1.5 See also English[ edit] Colorful toy balloons. Etymology[ edit] 1570,"a game played with a large,inflated leather ball" (possibly via Middle Frenchballon ) from Italianpallone ( “ large ball ” ) frompalla ( “ ball ” ),from Lombardic*palla . The Northern Italian form,balla ( “ ball shaped bundle ” ),today a doublet,likely derived from Old Frenchballe,from Frankishballa ( “ ball ” ),and may have influenced the spelling of this word. Both Germanic words are from Proto-Germanic*ballô ( “ ball ” ),*balluz,from Proto-Indo-European*bʰoln- ( “ bubble ” ),from Proto-Indo-European*bʰel- ( “ to blow,swell,inflate ” ) . Akin to Old High Germanballo,bal ( “ ball ” ),( GermanBallen ( “ bale ” );Ball "ball"). More atball . Pronunciation[ edit]
          • IPA (key): /bəˈluːn/
          • Audio (US) (file)
          • Rhymes:-uːn Noun[ edit] English Wikipedia has an article on:balloon Wikipedia balloon (pluralballoons )
            1. An inflatable buoyant object,often (but not necessarily) round and flexible.
            2. Such an object as a child’s toy or party decoration.
            3. Such an object designed to transport people through the air.
              • 1786,John Jeffries;Jean-Pierre Blanchard,A narrative of the two aerial Voyages of Dr. J. with Mons. Blanchard:with meteorological observations and remarks.‎[1],page 45:We immediately threw out all the little things we had with us,ſuch as biſcuits,apples,&c. and after that one of our oars or wings;but ſtill deſcending,we caſt away the other wing,and then the governail ;having likewiſe had the precaution,for fear of accidents,while theBalloon was filling,partly to looſen and make it go eaſy,I now ſucceeded in attempting to reach without the Car,and unſcrewing the moulinet,with all its apparatus;I likewiſe caſt that into the ſea.
              • ( medicine ) A sac inserted into part of the body for therapeutic reasons;such as angioplasty.
              • A speech bubble.
              • A type of glass cup,sometimes used for brandy.
              • ( architecture ) A ball or globe on the top of a pillar,church,etc.theballoon of St. Paul's Cathedral in London
              • ( chemistry ) A round vessel,usually with a short neck,to hold or receive whatever is distilled;a glass vessel of a spherical form.
              • ( pyrotechnics ) A bomb or shell.
              • ( obsolete ) A game played with a large inflated ball.
              • ( engraving ) The outline enclosing words represented as coming from the mouth of a pictured figure.
              • ( slang ) A woman’s breast. Synonyms:see Thesaurus:breasts Synonyms[ edit]
                • ( inflatable object ):
                • ( child’s toy ):toy balloon
                • ( in medicine ):
                • ( speech bubble ):speech bubble,fumetto Hyponyms[ edit]
                  • ( transport ):hot-air balloon,Montgolfier Derived terms[ edit]
                    • balloon animal
                    • balloon arch
                    • balloon-back
                    • balloon barrage
                    • balloon clock
                    • balloon club
                    • balloon column
                    • balloon flower
                    • ballooning
                    • balloonist
                    • balloon sail
                    • balloon tyre
                    • balloon vine
                    • barrage balloon
                    • go down like a lead balloon
                    • hot-air balloon
                    • pilot balloon
                    • rockoon
                    • trial balloon
                    • water balloon
                    • weather balloon
                    • when the balloon goes up
                    • word balloon Descendants[ edit]
                      • → Assamese:বেলুন ( belun )
                      • → Bengali:বেলুন ( belun )
                      • → Japanese:バルーン ( barūn )
                      • → Maori:parūnu
                      • → Welsh:balŵn
                      • → Zulu:ibhaloni Translations[ edit] inflatable and buoyant object
                        • Albanian:balonë (sq) 
                        • Arabic:بَالُون‎ (ar) ( bālōn ) Egyptian Arabic:بالونة‎ ( ballōna )
                        • Assamese:বেলুন ( belun )
                        • Basque:globo
                        • Belarusian:паве́траны шар ( pavjétrany šar )
                        • Bengali:বেলুন ( belun )
                        • Bulgarian:бало́н (bg) ( balón )
                        • Chinese:Cantonese:氣球,气球 ( hei 3 kau 4 ) Mandarin:氣球 (zh),气球 (zh) ( qìqiú )
                        • Cornish:pel ayr 
                        • Czech:balón (cs) 
                        • Danish:ballon (da)
                        • Dutch:ballon (nl) 
                        • Esperanto:balono (eo)
                        • Estonian:õhupall (et)
                        • Finnish:ilmapallo (fi)
                        • French:ballon (fr) 
                        • Georgian:აეროსტატი ( aerosṭaṭi )
                        • German:Ballon (de) ,Luftballon (de) Alemannic German:Balung 
                        • Greek:μπαλόνι (el) ( balóni )
                        • Greenlandic:ballonngi
                        • Haitian Creole:blad
                        • Hausa:balân
                        • Hindi:गुब्बारा (hi) ( gubbārā )
                        • Hungarian:please add this translation if you can
                        • Hunsrik:Balong 
                        • Icelandic:blaðra 
                        • Ido:balono (io)
                        • Indonesian:balon (id)
                        • Interlingue:ballon
                        • Irish:balún ,éadromán ( literary )
                        • Japanese:バルーン (ja) ( barūn ),気球 (ja) ( ききゅう,kikyū ),風船 (ja) ( ふうせん,fūsen )
                        • Korean:기구 (ko) ( gigu )
                          • Kurdish:Kurmanji:balon (ku) Sorani:بالۆن‎ (ku) ( balon )
                          • Latvian:balons 
                          • Lithuanian:balionas 
                          • Luxembourgish:Ballon 
                          • Macedonian:балон ( balon )
                          • Malay:belon,gelembungan,gelembung
                          • Maori:poihau,parūnu
                          • Norwegian:ballong (no) 
                          • Pennsylvania German:Luft
                          • Persian:بالون‎ (fa) ( bâlon )
                          • Polish:balon (pl) 
                          • Portuguese:balão (pt),bexiga (pt)
                          • Punjabi:ਭੁਕਾਨਾ ( bhukānā )
                          • Romanian:balon (ro) 
                          • Russian:возду́шный шар (ru) ( vozdúšnyj šar )
                          • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:балон Roman:balon (sh) 
                          • Slovak:balón 
                          • Slovene:balon (sl) 
                          • Spanish:globo (es) ,vejiga (es) ( El Salvador )
                          • Swahili:mabofu
                          • Swedish:ballong (sv) 
                          • Tagalog:balun
                          • Tamil:ஊதுபை ( ūtupai )
                          • Telugu:గాలిబుడగ ( gālibuḍaga )
                          • Thai:ลูกโป่ง (th) ( lûuk-bpòong )
                          • Turkish:balon (tr)
                          • Turkmen:howa shary
                          • Ukrainian:пові́тряна ку́ля ( povítrjana kúlja )
                          • Vietnamese:khí cầu (vi)
                          • Volapük:bälun (vo)
                          • Welsh:balŵn
                          • Zulu:ibhaloni child’s toy
                            • Afrikaans:ballong
                            • Albanian:balonë (sq)
                            • Arabic:بَالُون‎ (ar) ( bālōn ) Egyptian Arabic:بالونة‎ ( ballōna )
                            • Armenian:փուչիկ (hy) ( pʿučʿik )
                            • Azerbaijani:şar (az),balon
                            • Basque:puxika
                            • Bulgarian:бало́н (bg) ( balón )
                            • Catalan:globus (ca) ,baló 
                            • Cherokee:ᎠᎵᏌᎳᏗᏍᎩ ( alisaladisgi )
                            • Chinese:Cantonese:氣球,气球 ( hei 3 kau 4 ) Mandarin:氣球 (zh),气球 (zh) ( qìqiú )
                            • Czech:balón (cs) 
                            • Danish:ballon (da)
                            • Dutch:ballon (nl) 
                            • Esperanto:balono (eo),ludbaloneto
                            • Estonian:õhupall (et)
                            • Finnish:ilmapallo (fi)
                            • French:ballon (fr) ,ballon de baudruche (fr) ,ballon en baudruche ,ballon gonflable 
                            • Georgian:ჰაერბურთი ( haerburti )
                            • German:Ballon (de) ,Luftballon (de) 
                            • Greek:μπαλόνι (el) ( balóni )
                            • Haitian Creole:boul
                            • Hausa:balân
                            • Hebrew:בָּלוֹן‎ (he) ( balon )
                            • Hindi:गुब्बारा (hi) ( gubbārā )
                            • Hungarian:léggömb (hu),lufi (hu)
                            • Icelandic:blaðra 
                            • Indonesian:balon (id)
                            • Italian:palloncino (it) 
                            • Japanese:風船 (ja) ( ふうせん,fūsen ),バルーン (ja) ( barūn )
                            • Kannada:ಗಾಳಿಚೆಂಡು (kn) ( gāḷiceṇḍu )
                            • Khmer:ប៉ោង (km) ( paong )
                            • Korean:기구 (ko) ( gigu ) ( 氣球 (ko) )
                              • Kurdish:Kurmanji:pifdank (ku) ,balon (ku) ,nepox (ku) Sorani:بالۆن‎ (ku) ( balon )
                              • Lao:please add this translation if you can
                              • Latin:balonus 
                              • Latvian:balons 
                              • Lithuanian:balionas 
                              • Malay:belon
                              • Maori:poihau
                              • Marathi:फुगा ( phugā )
                              • Mongolian:агаарын бөмбөлөг ( agaaryn bömbölög )
                              • Nepali:please add this translation if you can
                              • Norwegian:ballong (no) 
                              • Papiamentu:balon
                              • Persian:بادکنک‎ (fa) ( bâdkonak ),پوقانه‎( puqâne ) ( Afghanistan )
                              • Polish:balon (pl) 
                              • Portuguese:balão (pt) 
                              • Romanian:balon (ro)
                              • Russian:возду́шный шар (ru) ( vozdúšnyj šar ),ша́рик (ru) ( šárik )
                              • Spanish:globo (es) ,bomba (es) ( Colombia,Venezuela ),chimbomba ( Nicaragua )
                              • Swahili:puto (sw)
                              • Swedish:ballong (sv) 
                              • Tagalog:lobo (tl)
                              • Tamil:ஊதுபை ( ūtupai )
                              • Telugu:గాలిబుడగ ( gālibuḍaga )
                              • Thai:โคมลอย ( koom-lɔɔi )
                              • Tibetan:ལྒང་ཕུག ( lgang phug )
                              • Turkish:balon (tr)
                              • Turkmen:howa shary
                              • Ukrainian:бало́н (uk) ( balón )
                              • Vietnamese:bóng (vi)
                              • Volapük:bälun (vo),lutabälun
                              • Wolof:naaw (wo)
                              • Yiddish:באַלאָן‎ ( balon )
                              • Zulu:ipaloni inflatable object to transport people through the air
                                • Albanian:balonë (sq) ,aerostat (sq) 
                                • Arabic:مُنْطَاد‎ (ar) ( munṭād ) Egyptian Arabic:بالون‎ ( ballōn ),منطاد‎ ( menṭād )
                                • Armenian:օդապարիկ (hy) ( ōdaparik )
                                • Belarusian:паве́траны шар ( pavjétrany šar )
                                • Bengali:বেলুন ( belun )
                                • Bulgarian:бало́н (bg) ( balón ),аероста́т ( aerostát )
                                • Catalan:globus (ca) 
                                • Chinese:Cantonese:氣球,气球 ( hei 3 kau 4 ) Mandarin:氣球 (zh),气球 (zh) ( qìqiú ),風船 (zh),风船 (zh) ( fēngchuán )
                                • Czech:balón (cs) 
                                • Danish:luftballon
                                • Dutch:luchtballon (nl) 
                                • Esperanto:balono (eo)
                                • Estonian:kuumaõhupall,õhupall (et)
                                • Finnish:kuumailmapallo (fi),ilmapallo (fi)
                                • French:montgolfière (fr) ,ballon (fr) 
                                • Georgian:აეროსტატი ( aerosṭaṭi )
                                • German:Heißluftballon (de) 
                                • Greek:αερόστατο (el) ( aeróstato )
                                • Hebrew:כדור פורח (kadur pore'akh)
                                  • Hungarian:hőlégballon (hu)
                                  • Icelandic:loftbelgur (is) 
                                  • Ido:balono (io)
                                  • Indonesian:balon udara
                                  • Irish:balún 
                                  • Japanese:風船 (ja) ( ふうせん,fūsen ),気球 (ja) ( ききゅう,kikyū ),バルーン (ja) ( barūn )
                                  • Kazakh:әуе шары ( äwe şarı )
                                  • Khmer:ពោងហោះ ( poonghɑh )
                                  • Korean:기구 (ko) ( gigu ),풍선 ( pungseon )
                                  • Latvian:gaisa balons 
                                  • Lithuanian:oro balionas 
                                  • Mongolian:агаарын бөмбөлөг ( agaaryn bömbölög )
                                  • Norwegian:luftballong ,luftskip 
                                  • Persian:بالون‎ (fa) ( bâlon )
                                  • Polish:balon (pl) 
                                  • Portuguese:balão (pt) 
                                  • Romanian:balon (ro) 
                                  • Russian:аэроста́т (ru) ( aerostát ),возду́шный шар (ru) ( vozdúšnyj šar )
                                  • Swedish:luftballong (sv) ,ballong (sv) 
                                  • Thai:บัลลูน (th)
                                  • Ukrainian:пові́тряна ку́ля ( povítrjana kúlja )
                                  • Vietnamese:khí cầu (vi)
                                  • Volapük:bälun (vo) medicine:sac inserted into part of the body
                                    • Danish:ballon (da)
                                    • German:Ballon (de) 
                                    • Norwegian:ballong (no) 
                                      • Russian:балло́н (ru) ( ballón )
                                      • Swedish:ballong (sv) speech bubble —see speech bubble type of glass cup
                                        • Finnish:pallolasi architecture:ball or globe on the top of a pillar etc.
                                          • Finnish:pallo (fi) chemistry:glass vessel of a spherical form pyrotechnics:bomb or shell game played with a large inflated ball engraving:outline enclosing words
                                            • Finnish:puhekupla (fi) slang:woman’s breast —see boob Verb[ edit] balloon (third-person singular simple presentballoons,present participleballooning,simple past and past participleballooned )
                                              1. ( intransitive ) To increase or expand rapidly.His stomachballooned from eating such a large meal.Prices willballoon if we don't act quickly.
                                                • 2016 May 23,Ignatiy Vishnevetsky,“Apocalypse pits the strengths of the X-Men series against the weaknesses”,in The Onion AV Club‎[2]:For the franchise’sballooning,unmanageable cast of mutants,picking sides now seems to have less to do with choosing between cooperation (which the recent movies implicitly distrust) and resistance,and more with whichever flashback-prone white dude’s overbearing savior complex works for you.
                                                • ( intransitive ) To go up or voyage in a balloon.
                                                • ( transitive ) To take up in,or as if in,a balloon.
                                                • ( transitive ) To inflate like a balloon.
                                                  • 1944,Emily Carr,The House of All Sorts,"Peach Scanties,"[3] A puff of wind from the open door caught andballooned the scanties;off they sailed,out the window billowing into freedom.
                                                  • ( transitive, sports ) To strike (a ball) so that it flies high in the air.
                                                    • 2015,Steve Wilson,A View From The Terraces (part 2,page 138) After four minutes,leading goalscorer Haworth slid in butballooned the ball over from six yards,and Hume then outran the defence to get to the by-line,but he could only hit his cross straight out. Translations[ edit] To increase or expand rapidly
                                                      • Bulgarian:издувам се ( izduvam se )
                                                      • Finnish:kasvaa (fi),pullistua,laajeta (fi)
                                                        • Tagalog:lobo (tl) See also[ edit]
                                                          • airship
                                                          • ball
                                                          • ballonet
                                                          • blimp
                                                          • dirigible
                                                          • gondola
                                                          • zeppelin

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Inflatable flexible bag filled with gas "Mylar balloon" redirects here. For the geometric shape,see Mylar balloon (geometry). For other uses,see Balloon (disambiguation). Balloons are given for special occasions,such as birthdays or holidays,and are often used as party décor. Aballoon is a flexible bag that can be inflated with a gas,such as helium,hydrogen,nitrous oxide,oxygen,air. For special tasks,balloons can be filled with smoke,liquid water,granular media (e.g. sand,flour or rice),or light sources. Modern day balloons are made from materials such as rubber,latex,polychloroprene,or a nylon fabric,and can come in many different colors. Some early balloons were made of dried animal bladders,such as the pig bladder. Some balloons are used for decorative purposes or entertaining purposes,while others are used for practical purposes such as meteorology,medical treatment,military defense,or transportation. A balloon's properties,including its low density and low cost,have led to a wide range of applications. The rubber balloon was invented by Michael Faraday in 1824,during experiments with various gases. He invented them for use in the lab.[1]

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